“I have many wonders in store for you. You will see when you come to Me. I do not withhold. I am here. I will not abandon you. I long to be with you. Come, and I will show you your path; your destiny. You will know why you are here. I will tell you. Come expecting gifts. I have so many things to tell you; to reveal to you; to give you. Come.”
… GOD – from Chapter 7

“My rare ones, do not think that you are not of much importance. I call out to the hearts of every person to come to Me. Rest with Me. Allow Me to calm the storms that come against you. Allow Me to clear the paths and quench your thirst. What you search for is here. It rests with Me and in this Kingdom. The world cannot touch your heart but with a dead finger. My hand contains life everlasting. Reach out for it, and it is there. I will not refuse you nor reject you. I will soothe your wounds. Come into Heaven and accept your inheritance. It waits for you. Your crowns are here. Your treasures are here. Do not abandon them, as your portion is set before you for a reason. Your inheritance is offered to you now, to partake of as you walk in the world.

“If you will come to Me, the treasures of Heaven belong to you. Walk in your gardens and mountains. Eat of the fruits that are ripe. So much waits for you. Come.”
… GOD – from Chapter 10

“The Way was virtually lost into history, saved for a few who learned how to walk with God, in His image.

God will speak to you directly on how you can find this lost ancient Way!

He’ll show you The Way to come and visit with Him face-to-face in His throne room!

He’ll teach you how to walk into Heaven whenever you like, to partake of all of its treasures!

He’ll talk directly to you about your life, to comfort you and love you!

You’ll learn how to see and have angels protect you and work with you!

God will teach you how to tap into unlimited wealth that He’s had waiting for you before you were born!

God will show you how only He can provide you with the secrets to life and success, as He says that the ways and secrets that man provides are a fool’s errand and have become their powerless gods.

Follow The Way now and step into immortality!” from the Introduction

This book provides keys and messages from God on how anyone can develop their spiritual senses and capabilities, with a final goal to walk with Him face-to-face. Which is His desire for everyone.

Included in the book are Al’s many experiences over the years on Earth and in Heaven of meeting, talking and walking with Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and angels, and how he got there, to assist others.

So, you think you know Me!
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Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Founder/Chancellor-Wagner Leadership Institute 
Former Presiding Apostle Emeritus 
of International Coalition of Apostles
Author of over 80 books - USA

You are the first person I have ever heard of that deals in the Spiritual realm at the level that you do. You are like a "Green Beret "or "Navy SEAL" in the spiritual, and I don't think that there are that many like you in the world.

Rochelle H. - USA

Am introducing all to my University students here in Nigeria. We, at Kingdom Life Christian University, will be using Xtreme Big Game Hunting as part of our study materials to open the eyes of our students to have more knowledge about the spirit realm and how to be victorious.

Bishop Dr. Godwin O., University Director-President/Founder of The Africa Project (TAP)/Founder of International Network of Bishops and Archbishops (INBA)/International Evangelist - Nigeria

Our Emmanuel Bible College faculty of theology unanimously decided to teach this syllabus in our Bible College, churches, and seminars. All of our Bible college teaching staff and students, Bible women, youth leaders, and evangelists are blessed by your syllabus. Yours in Him,

Rev. Dr. Mera J., Director of Bible College/Christian school/150 congregations - India

After training, one of the lady students prayed with my sister for healing of cervical cancer and she was instantly healed. She also received spiritual activation, the spiritual gifts in her doubled in operation. Just last week she was at her house sitting under a tree. She felt the Holy Spirit urged her to turn and look across to her neighbor's house opposite a soccer field. There a child had just died and his parents were mourning. The Holy Spirit urged her to pray in tongues. She continued to pray until the child rose from the dead. The parents and all those around were very surprised but did not know what or how it happened. All the while my sister never approached them or even gone near them. Many blessings.

Martin R. - Papua New Guinea

I read your book last week, and it is the most powerful and most knowledgeable book I have read on spiritual warfare. In fact, I taught aspects of it to my Prayer Group of about 20 prayer warriors. I also applied the book at a recent crusade we had last Friday attended by 2500 people in Dubai. I have shared the book with up to 10 Pastors in Dubai and more than 10 Brothers and Sisters in the UK, my home country. I have also shared it with more people in Dubai, Doha, and Lagos Nigeria. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR SUCH GREAT REVELATION. My prayer is that God will continue to establish and reward you for your faithfulness.

Leye A. - United Arab Emirates

Brother Al, your book is more practical, in case you come across some who oppose it, just know that it is not them but some evil powers behind them to oppose the revelation which the Lord gave you. Much Blessings,

Charles M.-Director Bible College/International Speaker - Uganda

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